Good News For Canadian Television Viewers

As The F.A.S.T. Channel And A.V.O.D Marketplace Continues To Grow Through The Launch Of The Join Tv Network

TORONTO, Oct. 14, 2022 /CNW/ – Canadian viewers may be pleasantly surprised to hear that a new television network, JOIN TV (Just One Incredible Network) is set to launch January 1st, 2023 to become Canada’s premiere F.A.S.T. channel and A.V.O.D network for North American and global audiences.

For those not familiar with the acronym F.A.S.T. (Free Ad Supported Television), these are streaming channel apps offered directly to viewers via Smart TVs and bypass cable and satellite television platforms that traditionally charge monthly service fees. There are currently over 1 Billion Smart TVs globally that already support FAST Channel Apps. In a world of paid streaming fatigue, these downloadable free channels are emerging as front runners in the race for consumer attention. At the same time, advertisers are shifting their dollars from traditional TV to streaming television, with marketers estimated to spend billions more on FAST Channel content by 2025.

JOIN TV (Just One Incredible Network) Canada’s premiere F.A.S.T. channel and AVOD network for global audiences.Tweet this

“The JOIN TV Network will be Canada’s premiere FAST Channel Network when it launches to the public,” says Warren Campbell, one of the founders at JOIN TV. “We will be offering on-demand channels to global audiences and the best part is the JOIN TV channels will be free to viewers.” 

The network has already secured thousands of hours of programming and continues to acquire new content for its array of channels that include a dedicated Fashion Channel, Travel Channel, Music Channel, Documentary Channel, Animation Channel, Crypto News Channel, World Sports Channel, Indigenous Peoples Channel, LGBTQ2S+ Channel and a top Trending Channel showcasing the best shows, films, and programming from around the world. The network also plans to begin producing new shows and programming for additional channels being launched in the months following the official JOIN TV Network launch.

“The real winner here is the at-home consumer that no longer needs to pay for monthly cable, satellite or subscriber-based streaming services to enjoy the programming they want to watch” adds Campbell, “We are also on the hunt for unique creative programming the world needs to see to add to a unique minded television network that we know viewers will enjoy.” The JOIN TV Network (Just One Incredible Network) is set to launch on January 1st, 2023 for Canadian and worldwide viewers.

About JOIN TV Network.

JOIN TV, or Join Entertainment Inc., is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and is founded by Warren Campbell and Gordon Weiske along with a group of experts in the film, television, and content distribution industries positioned to become Canada’s premiere free FAST Channel Network suitable for Global Audiences. For additional information visit

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